Does he actually like me.

This is knind of long... sorry but, a lot has happened... and sadly. I'm still not sure.

Okay, so I like a guy and I told him. I go to a boading school and I come home to visit and I came hom for winter break and he said (in so many words) that he's missed me and stuff and we hooked up. (btw that isn't the problem.) so then all through the break we were seeing each other and afterward we'd always go smoke outside alone and talk or play music and he told me somthing personal once. One night, instead of sleeping together he was just playful and sweet and we kissed but that's it. Another night, he laid on my lap and nibbled on my fingers... I don't know ha ha but back to the important stuff. I came back home from school and I got drunk and I messaged him on Facebook and a couple of days later he logged on and told me that he never really gets online and then I recently saw him and he told me how he was going to have an apartment over summer and asked if I'd be home and said we could see each other and he was also talking to a friend about partying and stuff and they were talking about something that happened a couple of years ago and he said "that's when I was trying to get girls." I don't know if that meant that this is serious or not. I'm really confused. I don't mind if he's only in it for sex... but I would like to at least have an idea of what's actually going on here.


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  • It seems that he really likes you a lot. Start spending more time with him, and hang out a lot with him.

  • may mean that he's over that kind of behavior ("trying to get girls') . when we fall in love we change too. we are humans you know. I think there's a big chance he sees you as more than just someone to sleep with.

    but still ... keep your eyes opened. you'll figure it out.


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