What are the chances he'll want to try things out with us again?

We met about 3yrs ago, dated for a few months, then he asked me to be his girlfriend. It only lasted a month, but we never stopped talking. We always kept a good relationship and occasional flirting. I got back with my husband and we had a baby, and throughout this entire time me and my ex have kept in touch. My baby is now 9months and things didn't work out with my husband, so we recently separated (in civil terms). My ex boyfriend knows that I am not with my husband anymore. We hung out after 2 long years. We hung out at the park and talked about everything for 3hours, and nothing happened (no kissing or hugging or anything flirty). So now I'm wondering how he feels about me? He told me about 3months ago that his feelings towards me had not changed. But then again his not showing any signs that he likes me or wants to be close to me. We do text almost everyday and occasionally flirt. Sometimes he even tries to joke and flirt dirty with me. Obviously I still have strong feelings for him, but I don't show too much affection to him. However, I do believe he knows I still like him. Please help me out, I wonder what's going through his mind when he thinks about me or when he talks to me. Does he like me? Do you think he would ever want to give us another shot?


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  • It might be difficult but maybe just ask him straight out in a friendly way about how you two stand, does he still like/want you, is there anything that he is concerned about eg the ex husband. Tell him how you feel. Just lay the cards on the table and get all the stuff out in the open, then the 2 of you can decide what if anything is going to happen, if nothing does well at least you know and can start dealing with it.

    • ok so I asked him directly if he liked me as a friend or more than friends and he said "more than friends".. then after that topic he asked me if I wanted to do bad things with him again? (sex) and I replied joking yes.. then he text "so since my stupid roommate is always home in the evening you just wanna meet up at a place.. ill get it and we can have fun lol" so I text "no" after that he text "hmm ok' AND THEN HE DIDNT TEXT AFTER THAT.. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I GOT PISSED CAUSE I FEEL OFFENDED.

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    • thanks talking with you helped out a lot :)

    • Anytime, if you want to friend me I could offer further advice if you ever need it.

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  • It seems that he really likes you. He invest too many time into you so he does like to be back with you again. He's already thinking to give it another shot.

    • How are you coming to that conclusion? by time invested alone?

    • He said his looking into opening his own franchise.. different than what I have in mind.. ANYWAY why would he be sharing his future goals with me? Does that mean anything or is he just trying to have a conversation? Another thing he usually doesn't text good night unless I do? I don't know if it's just a guy thing or does it mean he doesn't care to make me feel like he cares?

  • Why did you guys brake up after the first month?

    • I broke up with him because I felt like he was too busy to maintain a relationship with me.. so we both agreed to go back to being just friends.. by the way since we talked a lot and he knows my plans to opening my own franchise in the future, yesterday he was asking me questions and doing research on start up cost fees and just texting me talking about the topic.. and today he text me again

    • Break-up left things open and he's still putting time and energy into you... you can speculate where I'm going from there...

    • Hmm I think I know what you're trying to say.. and it feels like his taking it very slow and I guess that's a good thing..

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