Is it time to move on?

So I was seeing this guy for a while and he was super sweet and awesome and we got along amazingly. He has a busy high stress job and has stated many times that he's going to be too busy for a little while to even hang out with friends. Lately he hasn't even responded to texts and has made no effort to get in contact me either. I'm heartbroken and I'm not sure if he's actually super busy and still interested or just doesn't like me. Whenever he does contact me though, we have awesome conversations still and he still seems interested. It's been a week without any contact and I haven't seen him in about a month.


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  • Text him again. He's just really busy. It seems that you're really comfortable being with him.

    Also, try to set up another meet-up with him, and spend more time with each other. If you really can't wait for a man to be so away from you, then perhaps you're better off with another man.


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