Without begging, how do you get your boyfriend to treat you like he used to?

My boyfriend of 2 years ( we live together) doesn't treat me the same anymore. He use to say the nicest things and communicate. Now I feel like he is taking me for granted, I don't like it and I am not sure I want to stay with him. I want the " old" guy he used to be back. Maybe I'm being selfish but I need what I need and I give him what he needs. Any tips or opinions? Thanks for listening.
I really dislike unicorns and chocolate...I prefer someone to look at me with love in his eyes...it's free, easy and means so much more.


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  • Talk it out with him. Some people are not putting effort into relationship as time goes by because they don't feel like it anymore.

    • Thanks, I have tried talking it out with him, he doesn't think he has changed. I guess I have to decide if the "new" him is who I want to be with. Maybe he just doesn't feel the same about me anymore. Love is work but if you want it to stay strong you don't just sit back. At least I don't :)

    • That's good. You have a great mind.

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  • I think the relationship gets comfortable you know? I mean I doubt he takes you for granted, he's just probably is in a rut. You know you could spice things up? Lets say he comes home for work, and you dress all nice or fix dinner...you know make it romantic. THEN it's his turn to kinda turn on the heat. Make it a game THAT you start...nothing says that you can't spice up the relationship;;;KEEP IT FUN!

    • Great advice, tried it many times. Unfortunately it always seems to be my turn. I'll give it another few tries and then start making a decision. I know I am being taken for granted at this point and it doesn't feel good. Thanks again :)

  • You'll never be happy at this rate, because no one and I mean no one, stays the same as when you first met them. And it is foolish to expect them to stay them same.

    I think you're addicted to the honey moon phase of relationships, which means you'll never be ready for the hard slog, gritty, rough times of a relationship where people have to wade in sh*t up to their elbows to make things work.

    You just want the flowers and unicorns and chocolates phase, over and over again. And the only way to get that, is to keep dating new guys and dumping them when they change.

    • Thanks for your opinion. I was married for 8 years and my husband passed away, so as for being addicted to the honeymoon phase um no :). I just expect people to be real, if you portray yourself as one type then be true to who and what you said, forgetting the honeymoon phase we all go through. That phase was over the one st year we did not live together, then he changed a lot but he was still " that guy" - not the honeymoon guy but who I thought was the real guy. It's him I want back. Thanks

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  • Guys are competitive and get motivated if they see another guy as a threat. He's taking you for granted? Well if he notices another guy pursuing you and giving you attention that'll put fire under his ass to start pleasing his woman before another guy steals you away. This has to be a guy who's either hotter/richer/more successful/popular than him for it to really work.

    • Don't do this!

    • Let me guess... you are single?

    • Lol he wouldn't notice anyway, he noticed that s few years back and it did light a fire under his ass but now, he barely notices anything. His disinterest in keeping things alive is turning me off the more I think and read. I hate trying to guess what is up and I am not into head games (anymore;) Sadly, for him, I think I need to say goodbye. He'd notice that! Unfortunately once I say it I will never change my mind. Thanks for responding :)

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