Is he falling for me or is it an act?

I've been hangout with this guy for 5 months and all we've done is made out until the last time. After sex he went and cleaned himself up and came back to bed and cuddled and kissed. He started talking to me about the loss of his brother as he was close to him. He told me the truth about how he died and how hard it was as he couldn't talk about it.

I asked him if he'd ever been in love and he told about his relationships. How vile the mother of kids was to him.

He then told me about his last relationship and opened up

By telling me his ex was pregnant and she got rid of it with asking him how he felt.

Before we even had sex he asked my if he'd done the right thing reguarding his ex's boyfriend. As he was about to hit his son.

This was just that night. I don't understand why his started opening up to me as I'm just a girl he hangs out with.

Since that night his been telling about his stresses also if he watches anything funny on YouTube he will send me a link via Facebook. If he doesn't see me he will text me to see how I am. Can any guys or girls explain what's happening with him? He did want a relationship and now I'm confused by his action.


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  • It's been 5 months and all you did was kiss? Obviously you were receptive to him or you wouldn't have been making out or sleeping with him.

    After great sex men snuggle up to a woman and go to sleep. Sorry, but it's the way our brain is wired. I think it goes back to some primal thing where after sex men would stay with a woman and protect her so some other caveman can't come along and displace his seed. Not exactly romantic but again... it's how we are wired.

    So, two things bother me with this scene. First, he went and cleaned up? WTF? Was he washing you off him (not a good sign) or is he just OCD? Then he talked about his dead brother? These aren't really things men do after mind blowing sex. Sounds like yes, with the sex came a deep connection but he took the confidant route not the "Wow! I want to bang it out with you again tomorrow route."

    You tell me? Trust me, he's already told you how he feels. You probably just listened like a woman. What I mean by that is men are SIMPLE. If we say we are hungry it only means that wee would like to eat. If we say we are tired it only means we'd like to sleep. So, play it back in your mind one more time and listen like a man... take every word literally. What did he say?

    Did he say "I'm falling for you?" or did he say "It's been great to have a FRIEND like you to talk to."

    • When meant he cleaned himself I meant going to the toilet and having a wee and taking the condom off. As to him talking about his dead brother,He was telling about the addiction he had with alcohol and that's how I think he came into it.

      Looking back nope his never said anything. He enjoys hanging out with me and cares about me. The only thing he did say was if I go on any dates to tell him. He keeps saying don't get jealous in a joking manner I've told him I'm not a jealous type

  • It seems he's really falling for you. Perhaps, the act of having sex with a woman means a big connection for him, and it really open up himself a lot.

    • He said to when months before we even started hanging out together that he didn't want a relationship. Just fun. Why hasn't he acted on it and asked me out? Can someone who's a player really fall for a women after the first time he has sex with her?

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