Kinda confused about how the breakup went down

Girlfriend broke up with me after small little fights. It seemed like she made up a bunch of excuses as to why we weren't working out but a big problem is she is depressed. So much so that she would break down constantly. It was about her late mother. She said she couldn't be in a healthy relationship right now.

Anyway, after breaking up with me, she started to hold onto me and kept holding tighter and tighter. She then kissed me and we made out a bit. She got up to leave and it happened again. I haven't really spoken to her much since (about 2 months ago) but I still miss her a lot. She wanted to be friends but I explained how it was way too difficult for me to because I wanted to be with her so much.

Can anyone shed some light on what is going on? I still feel lost to this day.
Keep in mind all this stuff happened 2 months ago, not recently.

Also, I tried getting back together with her but she said she didn't want to a week after.


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  • It's clear that she really wants to be with you. She misses you as much.

    You should try getting back with her. This is the time when she needs somebody, you're that person.

    • I should actually note that this happened RIGHT after the break up. As in a few minutes after. This didn't just happen.

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