What's best for my Roommate? need advice from other please.

Basically I've known my good buddy for awhile and lived with him for 2 years or so. he's been dating the same chick for 3 1/2 years "saving themselves", theyre both 23...w/e. Something came up where she's graduating college and she wants to move immediately back to live by her family. she's basically broke, hasn't looked for a job and says she will live with her parents for awhile and look for jobs. Now she, wants him to move down right away and stay with her parents and they can both look for jobs, not a good scenario in my mind at all.

My roomie has a decent job that pays good money and he doesn't have bills, so he can save, but he's still broke, and he's been on the fence along time about moving in with her and what not. he's kind of a pushover with her, so it seems to me that this is what's best for her atm as an individual and she kinda expects him to move in. I've talked to him a little about it but he won't really go into details too much. I've told him that she needs to do what's best for herself and get a job down there, get situated, make money, find a place and then he could move down there. There's no point in dropping a good job with no financial backing and following her around cause that's what she wants and because "they're" a couple.

The thing that gets me is that she'll talk about it every other day when she's over, and they'll talk about moving in. But then they go into a whole scenario like if we break up, we'll split the bills and be adults about it and blah blah blah. Realistically that's true, but you just don't hear a couple that's been dating and in love talk about stuff like that publicly, its weird. they make all these plans about life and kids and marriage, then they turn around and say if we do this, break up, and w/e.

How would you approach my best guy friend about this situation? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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  • What you told him was right. And you are a real friend (and a good one) for doing that.

    If he was my best friend then I'd do the same thing you did, I'd tell him not to move in with her, let her get a job etc. He could also tell his girlfriend that his job pays good money and in that way he could help her with the bills while she looks for a job (although you said he's stil broke right? So patience and time to save up will be the key here). I guess that's all. :)

    • yep, he's got only rent to pay so he can save a good bit every month if he doesn't indulge. In a perfect world moving right away sounds perfect, but its not. They're both "independent", but I see him getting screwed if he moves down and can't find a job right away and has to burn what little he has saved to live.

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