Moving from my parents for the first time and with my boyfriend. Help.

I am moving from my moms for the first time and I feel torn. I'm so happy to move out with my boyfriend but I am kind of second guessing things. My mom is happy for me, but apart of more doesn't want to leave home. I'm so excited to be able to see my boyfriend everyday but he's starting to annoy the hell outta me. To top it all off I don't trust him 100%, I'm also worried he won't be able to pull his own weight financially, as I have put the down payment and all the lawyer fees. I make less money then him By the way.

I just want someone to tell me everything will be OK. :(


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  • hmmm lawyer fees?

    it will be OK as long as you love each other.

    think of it this way, living together is a test to see if you guys will make it in the long run.

    if your planning on a future and getting married, it is best to see if you can live with each other. that means seeing disgusting sides of each other, dealing with irritating habits, being able to stay under one roof during arguments, etc.

    • Gotta get a lawyer when you buy a place here in canada lol

      Thank you, I am just so up and down. I move on Friday and as the days get closer I'm missing my "life" the one I have now. I have freedom I stay up till 2am my boyfriend goes to sleep at 10:30pm. My dog doesn't like him and he's my baby. I know all of my BFs bad habits I've known him since I was a kid. Urge sorry... It's hard moving for the first time.

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    • I know right my fee was supposed to be $1100 but I got the bill today and its $1700. Fml lol

      I don't wanna be a kid forever buying my own place was my dream, it's just happening so fast lol.

      I really do love my boyfriend he's My best friend but what if things get too comfortable and routine?! I hate that, I'm worried my sex life is gonna suck... What if we get boring together... So much going through my mind lol

    • all I can say is take it one day at a time

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  • It seems that you just need to trust your boyfriend more when it comes to settling financial things.

    Also, try to spice up your relationship a bit. Take dates again. Have some fun times together, just the two of you, outside your house/apartment.

  • Oh God. I am not gonna be that person. good luck


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  • oh goodness girl...i'm going to be a little blunt but why are you even moving in with him then? you don't trust him, you are annoyed by him without even living with him now, and he hasn't been splitting the costs with you when he makes more than you? these are all things you should have figured out before moving in with him! (I mean unless the situation is urgent like your mom is kicking you out/moving halfway across the country and you can't go with her, etc.). seriously I would have a discussion with him and maybe delay moving in together until you have those things figured out...


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