Should people who cheat on their spouses go to jail?

I know some couples don't have a problem bringing in another person. I am not talking about that. This question is more about would YOU be willing to go to jail for cheating, and sign a legal contract saying that your partner could send you to jail, if if was proved you cheated.

It seems like if people were serious about wanting a monogamous relationship, that they would have no problem with going to jail for cheating on their wives/husbands. The law would be fair, since it applies to both people.

I would think anyone that would be against that, is already planning on cheating.

  • Yes, Either my partner or myself should go to jail if one of us were to cheat..
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  • No. cheating on your spouse should not send someone to jail.
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Marriage is a legal contract. You break a legal contract, then you should be punished under the law is someway. Maybe not jail, but punished under the law in some way. Honestly I think this poll and the answers given are a good representation for the percentage of people that actually cheat.


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  • actually from where I'm from anyone guilty of adultery and concubinage will be sent to jail. I'm fine with it :)

    • I knew divorce was illegal in the Philippines, but I didn't know adultery was. I just figured since they couldn't get divorced everyone just cheated on each other after the relationship went bad. I guess this way it forces people to try and work out there differences. Instead of just "pretending" that you are married to someone else. I learned something new today. Thanks for the response. :)

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    • @TheGodEmperorLeto yes it is considered a crime in my country. :)

      @7gnat where did you get such idea that it's not enforced unless political? and what part on my answer sucks? the part when I said that anyone guilty will be imprisoned or the part when I said I'm fine with it? because obviously I haven't said much about my answer.

    • @update: I agree that there should be some sort of punishment, from criminal case make it to civil case at least.

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What Girls Said 7

  • Cheating is morally wrong, but its not physically hurting someone or committing a crime.

    I think it would be overboard to throw someone in jail that's doing what everyone does in life(by all means I am not referring to cheating).

    But making mistakes.

    Life is a stepping ladder and if people make mistakes that are morally wrong well that's a part of living and learning.

  • I think if you are legally married and cheat, you should be punished somehow,but not jail. That is too harsh.

  • no. the point of jail time is to pay your debt for harming society as a whole (That's what a crime is essentially). While cheating is immoral and hurtful, it isn't a public harm. it's a private harm, between you and your significant other.

    • A man beating his wife, is between the man and his wife. It doesn't harm society as a whole. It however is, and should be, illegal. So hurting society as a whole, is not the prerequisite for making something illegal. I know the two are not exactly the same thing. Just pointing out that a personal matter is a good enough reason to make something illegal.

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    • exactly! taking away physical liberty and safety is a MUCH greater harm than cheating. emotional damage and physical are not the same! if you have such severe emotional distress from cheating, sue your spouse. doesn't mean jailtime.

    • So wait, Confucius16, if a man beating only his wife harms society because she's a part of society, than the emotional/mental trauma cheating can and does cause a man/woman would be the same reasoning wouldn't it? They're still a part of society.

      I don't think that reasoning is enough.

  • No. You can't make a personal problem (infidelity) criminal just because it hurts your feelings.

  • i would cheat on my boyfriend/husband while in jail. No point in waiting

    • and no people shouldn't go to jail for cheating

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What Guys Said 15

  • Jail? No. Branded with a letter A? Sure!

    Tbh I really don't know. I do think their infidelity should be made public knowledge and easily accessible knowledge for everyone so that cheaters are known easily and quickly to be cheaters. Let the cheaters only be with other cheaters imo.

    • 3 cheaters are mad they would be made known they're cheating bitches/a**holes.

      So f*** those 3 people.

  • No, I just think its unnecessary and seems more like vengeance over hurt feelings than anything else

    For me I don't really see a difference between a person that wants to have sex with other people but hasn't yet and asks for a divorce compared to someone who cheats in the relationship,

    they're still a jerk but the first person was just honest about it

  • What in this "legal contract" prohibits a no good cheating piece of sh*t from screwing around?

    Morally it's wrong. But it is not an act that demands imprisonment. Maybe in 1348 (random date) it happened. But the world is a little more civilized now.

  • Sometimes, people were in the heat of the moment, and they almost don't have the power to resist so they end up cheating. Others are borne because of money reasons.

    So cheating will not constitute enough of going to a jail.

  • [laughs]

    It's bad enough that marriage has to be lawfully recognized, never mind getting the State involved thereafter. I'd rather share a bed with my wife, not the State.

    • The answer isn't to involve the State *MORE* in marriage. It's disgusting enough that it is a legal issue in the first place.

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