Why did he disappear?

So I tried the whole online dating thing .. Met this guy for a first date and had such a good time date number two followed the very next day. He works a couple weeks out of the city an back for a week, I knew that going into it and thought I would give it a go anyways. I went and saw him, he came and saw me then when he was back again for days off we spent a lot of time together. All the while I knew he was still online which was OK because we hadn't defined anything. (Countless times I've been told not to rush someone to define it) We were sleeping together though so I was putting my trust in the fact I was the only one ... Anyways, we saw each other again before he went back now he's just disappeared, he would text all day everyday, now I haven't heard from him. Why does this happen! Do I cut my losses or do I say something? He honestly made me feel like this was heading for a relationship ...


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  • "We were sleeping together though so I was putting my trust in the fact I was the only one ... "

    That's the big the key point. Did you two have a conversation during which you specifically agreed to been exclusive? If not, then you don't have a right to expect monogamy. You have to clearly define that.

    How long has it been since he last texted you?He could just be busy.


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  • He may be busy if he doesn't call back in a few days give him and call, send him a text if he doesn't answer.

  • he just wanted sex. plus the way he's "in out" of town could mean he is married or in a relationship.


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