Does he want to get back together or what?.......

I had a G.R.E.A.T relationship with a guy last summer. But once the summer came to an end we had a bit of a fight about how much time we spend with each other and I broke up with him :p..I realized soon after it was a big mistake and I tried to talk to him about it but the break up was very abrupt so he was extremely upset about it.

We hadn't talked for 6 months and he ended up spilling to my friend that he misses me a lot and said he wished we never broke up.

We started talking via text again yesterday and we both seemed excited to be speaking again, but we keep calling each other "dude, bro, homie and man"...I can't tell if he wants to get back together SOON or just be friends?...

Its bothering me because I remember he thought I friend-zoned him last summer and it took him a LONG time to realize that he could have asked me out but he was confused about MY feelings.

Should I ask him straight up what he wants from this? or is that too much pressure on the guy? :/

I just really want to know soon !;/


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  • Communication is important. In the first case, that fight could have been avoided. Relationships are supposed to be about giving and taking. If he feels that you aren't spending enough time with him, or if you feel that he isn't spending enough time with you, then you both need to calmly talk to each other and accommodate to try to come up with a plan.

    Remember, communication is important. In the second case, he thought that you friend-zoned him, when in fact he could have asked you out. He didn't know what your feelings were, and you took that as a sign that he didn't care anymore. That is why communication is important. Neither of you can expect the other person to be able to read his/your mind. When in doubt, ask. This means that if you aren't sure about something, you ask him, and if he isn't sure about something, he asks you. Often, you might be thinking that he is thinking one thing, when in fact he is thinking about something else and didn't talk to you because he didn't know what you were thinking. He probably wants to get together with you again.

    Does this make sense?

    • yes...Can you suggest a good way to start that conversation? I have been trying to put it in words for days now and I can't think of how to ask him if he wants what we had again

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    • See the thing is he told my best friend to TELL me that he misses me, then he readded me on FB, but he hasn't really instigated a conversation, I have to keep messaging him and he seems hesitant to open up! (just small talk) I don't get why he would go through all the trouble to make sure I knew he missed me a lot and regretted the break up just to act distant and not tell me how he really feels ? :/

    • It could be that he is unsure about you. Try telling his best friend to tell him that you still miss him. Maybe be is reluctant to get back together again. It could be that it isn't easy for him to take the first step. Things are probably awkward between you two, so he doesn't know what to do. By the way, texts aren't very motivational. Back in the day of the phone call or face-to-face meeting, it was more personal. It was harder to not look at messages or see someone.

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  • it depends..he might be hesitant to be friends. have either of you been dating other people for the last six months? if not then you can probably just be straight up as neither of you have moved on. if you're not sure proceed with caution.

    • no neither of us have dated anyone since...

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  • I would stay friends for awhile and simply test the waters. If you know that you want him back then don't hesitate. I made that mistake and lost the opertunity. You don't want to rush into something and have it go wrong either. So I suggest you tread lightly, but with confidence

    • Yeah its like, I don't want to miss the opportunity but I want to show him or tell him somehow sneakily that I DO want what we had before :/! Because treading lightly could lead to nothing being spurred up...maybe...idk? not sure how to show him that .

    • Have you guys talked about your past relationship since you've started communicating again? Maybe you could simply go with something as simple as 'hey do you remember that time when we (insert memory her)?' Gauge his reaction if he seems to be happy that you brought it up then it could be a good sign that he feels the same way. Then after seeing his reaction you can better decide whether or not to tell him.

    • thats a good idea...;o

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