Best way to handle this situation?

Hypothetically...Lets say you're a man...and...You had an amazing relationship with a girl, but it suddenly ended after 6 months of dating and she regretted breaking up with you immediately but you refused to talk to her because you were so upset about the break up and forward 6 months later...and you tell your mutual friend that you miss her dearly and wish you had never broken up and wish that you two still talked. Now, you are talking to her again...but it seems as though its just on a friendly basis...

^^^^that's the position my ex is in right now...He has a job that keeps him really busy and little siblings to look after too...But I REALLY want to date him again :( soon...i just want to hug him and tell him I want what we had back again...

Is it too soon for me to try and "define the relationship"? I'm just afraid he only wants to be friends...

Input?...What should I tell him, if anything? :/


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  • Well if he said to a mutual friend that he misses you...then he clearly misses you?

    He might just need time because of being hurt, or he could be waiting for you to ask him.

    Maybe ask him to meet up and go out? "Just as friends" and see where that goes, if he agrees, depending on how it goes, you can tell him that you want to be together again.

    There is a chance he told that to this friend because he knew that this friend would tell you? It could be his way of saying "I want to be together again".

    He might just be nervous because you broke up with him once before, so he probably doesn't know what your feelings are.

    • yeah he definitely knew she would tell me, we are best friends! I just don't want to throw it at him because if he says no because his life is busy then it would be awkward and put pressure on him :p I guess we could hang out

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