Is my boyfriend hiding his relationship status? or looking for someone better?

About two weeks ago was my boyfriends birthday and I posted something really sweet on his Facebook wall that clearly showed that I was his girlfriend. A few minutes later it was deleted. I texted him asking if he deleted the post. He said he didn't realize he deleted it and meant to highlight it. He said he felt really bad and was going to fix it when he got home. I figured oh maybe he doesn't know how to fix it so that's why he never did it. But then yesterday we took a picture at the hockey game together and I put it up on Facebook the following day. I tagged him in it and I saw the picture on his wall, but then again I couldn't find it in his pictures an hour later so he must have deleted it. I'm slightly annoyed by this. I don't know what this means. Also I noticed he friended his ex girlfriend from 5 or 6 years ago. Does this mean he is hiding his relationship status? or is interested in meeting other people? He seems to care about me a lot and talks about future plans like things to do together in a few months. that's why this is all so confusing for me. I was thinking of texting him again something like this: "Hey something has been bothering me you member a while ago when I asked you why you deleted the post I wrote on your fb wall for your birthday and you said that you didn't realize you deleted it and you wanted to highlight it, well are you sure you were telling me the truth because I noticed that you also deleted the picture of us from yesterday from the hockey game. Is there a reason why you don't want me posting anything on your Facebook? and please tell me the truth because I'm really upset by this" In a way I feel like he could possibly lie again and make something up so I don't know what to do. I rather text it to him than call because as it is I'm not that great at talking on the phone and we never usually have talks like this we usually are really great together. We've never argued or had anything bad happen like this. Also another thing to add in is that he's never said he loves me and we've been together for almost 7 months now, long distance relationship. He does show it though, he pays a lot of money for things for me and he texts me good morning and good night everyday, but he's never actually said I love you.


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  • It seems that the long distance relationship is really hard for your relationship and to him, so that's why he tries to keep his options open.

    Though it would be my bad if I were to be jumping to conclusions, so it's best if you send that text of yours. It would be best to know what he's really thinking at the moment.


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