CoWorker - I'm Frustrated! Suggestions?

I have a coworker that I do not like very much. Her communication style is very clipped and in a word, bitchy. I watched her rip a new co-worker to shreds on their incompetence. She is positioning herself to be promoted, and will do anything to show she deserves the position. To that end, we worked together to get a project started, and while our incompetent co-worker made a mess of it. When that co-worker was no more, she backed off including me in any of the work involved in the project that I could be involved in. She did not ask for my opinions or my suggestions, just put all of her energy into making herself look good. I did something to one-up her, and she did not react well. I called her out on her inability to work and communicate with me a couple of times, things I have been blamed for in the past. I included other people in the communication because I wanted a record that I had made attempts to work with her and she didn't follow through. Now, she approaches me to talk and wants to "clear the air" and says I embarrassed her by including them in the conversation. I wonder if that means she know she screwed up and needs to back track. My communication style with her was exactly the way she would normally communicate with me something - it was basically a dose of her own medicine that she didn't take too kindly to. And now she wants to "fix it" and look like the bigger person. I told her that I have seen the way she treats people (like our ex-coworker) and myself, and that if she wants change it will come when I see a change in her. Does anyone have any insights or suggestions on how to progress from here?


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  • Don't do anything that will put yourself in a bad light. If you see her poor behavior then others see it as well. If you stoop to her level it will only put you in the same poor light. Do your job, do it well and let what happens happen.

    Sometimes life is unfair in the moment but give charma a chance. You never know how or when these things will come back to you but when it does you don't want to be the one on the wrong side of the fence.


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  • Keep it cool and try to be reasonable with her if she's not with you..


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