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I have a slight conundrum, I broke up with my ex 10 months ago. The reason for the break up was mostly age difference. He wanted to get married and have kids, I wanted to travel and experience different things. He is 36 and I am 24. We lived together for 2 years and the break up was really tough on both of us. The break up was amicable and we still talked while I went backpacking through Europe for 3 months( I went 3 days after break up) Anyway, as time has gone by we have not really cut off emotionally. We keep in touch (mostly through texts) and it is mostly initiated by him. (Good morning sunshine and that kind of stuff) After much thinking I have decided that I want to make things work between us again. I am still in love with him and have not dated anyone since the break up (Neither has he) I have invited him to come over my place for dinner and he said he had to think about it because it was a wound that was not fully healed. I also told him when I was drunk once that I loved him, his reply was " thanks I care about you a lot too" based on this I think I should probably move on? I am not sure I am ready though. I really want to start a family with him now. What should I do ?. Please HELP !
no answers really ?


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  • have dinner, and put your cards on the table. tell him that your feelings have changed.


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  • You should probably have a real conversation with him about your feelings and how they have evolved since the split. Be honest with him. Tell him the time away has allowed you to gain a new perspective on life and what you want out of it. Tell him what you said on here, that your desires for life have evolved and you have the same goal he does.

    My guess would be that he is stand off-ish because he's worried about being hurt again. The male Ego can be a very fragile thing.

    It's a solid indication that he's still fond of you that you guys are in such close contact.

    If the conversation does not end how you are hoping, then it would be time to move on and cut off communication to allow wounds to heal.

    My guess is that things will go the way you are wanting them to go, but it might be a slow process at first.

    Good Luck!


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