Does this girl really like this guy and does this guy really like this girl?

This girl will be named Crystal and this guy will be named Mike. Crystal wanted to hang out with her 3 friends on the weekend. It was past the afternoon and 2 of her friends had to go. She was left with Mike alone in his house. Mike brought her to his bedroom and I guess seduced her into having sex. Mike told her he had feelings for her for quite sometime now and he liked her after the sex and wanted her as a girlfriend. Crystal asked him if he could wait and he said yes. After a couple days Crystal confronted her friends and her ex-boyfriend found out that Mike had sex with Crystal. Mike was her ex-boyfriends friend. Mike now has changed his mind about saying he could wait and Crystal was heartbroken and begged him to give her a chance. Now Crystal's ex-boyfriend is supposably jealous and wants her back.

Also mike has been in 2 relationships before her and they both didn't work and it was supposably about the girl not giving him sex and Crystal tends to want people to like her because she believes no one likes her.

Does mike really like crystal and does crystal really like mike and is this ex-boyfriend jealous or protective?


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  • hard to tell


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  • It seems that Mike really like Crystal, and Crystal likes him so much as well.

    It's just that Mike doesn't want to enter a relationship with her since his friend still has feelings for her, and he doesn't want to compromise on their friendship.


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