Why is it that mostly girls who already have boyfriends seem to be the only ones interested in me (Pic inclded

First off, all through out high school I never really pursued a girl because I liked being independent and now I'm more mature and tend to be a serious person so I always have straight face unless I'm laughing or something. Now that I'm a senior I have an urge to get a girlfriend but I've only been after girls who seem interested in me. I don't try to make them like me they just turn out like that. For example I was texting this girl for a while now and then, she would always be the one to text me and flirt, later I figure out she has a boyfriend. Another girl would call my name in class just to say hi or try to converse and would look at me a lot, but she has a boyfriend. I recently started talking to another girl and she mentioned Prom so I said we should go together and she was happy and said yeah and wanted me to come visit at her house sometime, then I find out she just got back with her ex a few days later. I was only asked out once by a freshman girl by note who I had never talked to but I let down gently.

Anyways, could I be the problem? Could it be my looks or personality?

Here's a pic of me:



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  • There's nothing wrong with your looks.

    It's just that you have the fear of approaching girls. Girls with boyfriends tend to be flirty because they have commitment with someone already.

    But single girls want to be "hard to get" sometimes. You should try to approach them.


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