Husband's Revenge On Cheating Wife's Partner, For or Against?


Basically, man finds out his wife was cheating on him, to get revenge at the a**hole who helped her cheat (as, yes, if you help someone cheat you are an a**hole/bitch/whatever and suck just as much as the cheating person) he created a letter and sent it out to his neighbors and his church and work place letting them all know the type of guy he is.

Now, I'm not so sure I agree with giving out the personal information, that could be a problem, but I do think this a**hole got what he deserve if it really does cause people to shun him and think bad of him.

I say to hell with all cheaters and those who help em cheat. They all deserve to suffer. I wish the man would say what's going to happen to the cheating wife. Divorce alone isn't enough. Especially since our sh*tty laws give women all the damn benefits in divorce. Hope he spreads her adultery to others as well. Especially to any potential future partners she wants. They don't deserve to be with a cheater. NO cheater deserves happiness imo.
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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't really get why he jumps the other man. I think knowingly sleeping with someone who is married is wrong but the main fault still lies with the married person who cheated (in this case his wife, not the other guy). I don't think it's that guys fault really

    • That guy knowingly sleeps with someone else's wife and/or girlfriend, that person is at fault too. And he's scum for doing so. Yes, the wife is the biggest scum there, but comparing one piece of sh*t to another piece of sh*t, all you see is still sh*t.

  • I believe that cheating is wrong of course and those that assist them are also in the wrong. On the other hand, I also believe that cheating is done because there is something missing in their relationship that doesn't make one feel complete. I would never cheat, but if my fiance cheats on me, it would help me figure out that he isn't the right person for me and I would move on and find someone else. Maybe because I'm a pacifist, I believe everyone is in search for happiness and if they cannot find it in me, maybe I'm just not the right one? I would not give out the info of the other person because although I believe cheating is disrespectful (bc why not just break it off first with me and find someone else later?), I also believe that people will keep searching for that something that fills their emptiness and they won't stop until they find it. If he cheats on me, fine, I'd break off with him asap and stop wasting time on someone who isn't the one for me. I seek for someone who feels complete with me and I with him.

    • I don't like wasting my time, effort, and getting hurt over someone who doesn't love me completely and wholeheartedly. I'd save my heart for the one who loves me.

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    • Honestly though, Karma was used to explain and justify the caste system for a LONG time in India and still does to some degree. It allowed for such mistreatment and lax help going to those less favorable by those who were well off because they felt that karma would take care of it. That is what I hate. That pisses me off to no end.

    • Taiwan 43% is buddhist

      Japan 50% buddhist

      Since the karma in Buddhism was born from india it has similar concepts but Buddhism isn't about mistreatment. Regardless, faith has never been a good topic for debate thereafter, it was nice discussing things with you but it will halt no end.

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  • I really can't agree that it was the right thing to do. Its your wife/husband/partner/whatever that's suppose to be faithful and loyal to you. Unless the person they're cheating on you with is a family member or close friend, they owe you nothing. They haven't built a relationship with you, you don't have your trust and respect invested in them, they don't share your bed. If my fiance were ever to cheat on me I wouldn't touch the other woman, unless like I said she's a friend or family but I wouldn't be responsible for what I'd do to him. I have been cheated on in a previous relationship and I bore no ill-will towards her eventhough I knew her. He was the one I had a relationship with, he was the one I trusted, he was the one that cheated on me

    • Why do people refuse to accept that the person who helps the other cheat, knowing full well that they are married or with someone already, aren't to blame? It takes them BOTH to cheat after all. Yes, the spouse is more to blame, but the other isn't free of the blame... why give them that free pass?

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    • Partically to blame-yes, if you know the other person is in a relationship. No where in that letter does it mention the guy knew she was married. Who's to know what story she spun him. The husband only says he and his wife were married for 12 years and he asked her to end the affair. He doesn't lay blame on her nor does he slander her character.

    • If she lied to him and he didn't know, ya, that's one thing. But if he never made the effort to at least try and find out, I'd still put blame on him. And he should put way more blame on her, I agree with that. If I had to divvy up percentages of blame, well, assuming the guy knew she was married, I'd say 60% wife, 40% dood. If he didn't know, but didn't try at all to find out, 80% wife, 20% dood. If he was lied to, 100% wife.

What Guys Said 4

  • Point of clarification: According to the letter, the guy WAS the cheater and not the accomplice.

    I agree with you that giving out personal information probably wasn't the best idea. Personally, I wouldn't do something like this myself, but it is certainly understandable why someone woulddo this. The key part for me is when he talks about his church. This tells me that he's been taught that there are, well, certain consequences (that is if he doesn't straighten his stuff out)...

    • The guy was the focus in the letter but in tern she was also dragged into it... and can you just imagine if he didn't have proof of the affair... now he can be divorced, stripped of all assets, and charged with slander among other things.

      Bad move in my opinion

  • It's wrong because he just f***ed himself over for the divorce proceedings. If he had kept his mouth shut he could have screwed her over hard. As things stand, he's going to get raped and pillaged hen the suits come knocking.

    • Why? He hasn't done anything to her yet. In divorce court they don't likely care about the other. Just the two getting the divorce.

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    • He should have dragged her through the mud during the divorce. Would have been better for him.

    • I don't know if they share funds, there's a chance he kept his money separate from her's and vice versa.

  • I actually think the guy that she was f***ing was scummy for it but not responsible. He was not the one making vows. I never understood why people get mad at the one sleeping with their mate.

  • That guy who helped her cheat got what he deserved. More power to the husband.


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