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Hi guys and girls, I've got this problem with one girl I've known her for about 2 months now we work at the same workplace, we kinda started talking to each other more and more often each day. Each day was better, but I was not attracted to her or anything, but when the days went by I was feeling more emotions to her, started to be more nice and all that, tried a little flirting which she returned, she always had a massive smile when I looked at her. I have personal problems and sometimes I've been rude to her, because I didn't want to be bothered by anyone, then I apologized and everything went back to normal she started to initiate conversations like before and I did also, we started to talk about living together and how it will work out (who cooks, cleans up and sh*t like that(we were not dating or anything), then problems started to come back and obviously my mood changed so I became rude again, and after it was gone everything went back normal. She asked me to come with her to some places, she tried to subconsciously tell me to come over to her house, well I said that I will but not now since I didn't have any money to travel because she lives like 30 miles away. But one day I had problem getting home and I asked her if its okay for me to stay overnight at hers and go to work together next day, she said its fine and so we did, I kinda wanted to test her if all she wants is drag me to bed so we just watched movies and laughed at comedians, I got to met her parents (we were alone for like 3 hours), I didn't want sex so I didn't bring up any sex related questions and we just keep on talking until late night (while she was tired and went to sleep (sleep in a same room but on different beds) I was keep on talking to her and she was responding while being half a sleep, so the next day at work were were both tired because we had only few hours sleep and we didn't talk much that day, she all of a sudden on the next day started to talk to me again with big smile, but when I try to talk to her she gave me half ass answers like she doesn't care, she's more friendly while we are alone then when we are next to our co-workers (to me it doesn't matter, but I think she tries to stay away from me so nobody else sees it and starts talking at work), she also said to me that night that she would not sleep with anyone at work >.<, since she's been a bitch to me and get angry at me all the time, I become hostile towards her whenever she asks me something or tries to talk, then I change and softly initiate conversation, which obviously bring up her cute smile up again and everything goes back to normal, sometimes she gives me an innocent girl smile for like one minute and then she acts like a bitch again and gets angry at simple things, so I don't know what the f*** is wrong, is she playing some kind of f***ing game or what, I'm close to ignoring her totally but I need some advice in doing so. Sorry for 2k words article and thanks :)
So I should just stay back and wait till she comes to me (opens up)?


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  • Maybe she has something to prove to others, it sounds like she is keen but unsure of her own feelings and is trying to keep it at a professional level.

    I don't think ignoring her will do you both any good but ask yourself the question, do you like this girl? Yes? Then just sit back watch and wait. If you don't then state your not interested. She will be weird at first but after her emotional whirlwind she will come to realize you're serious.

    It sounds like flirtatious bikkering, sounds stupid but from what you said maybe she does like you and is putting her walls up. Girls are so complex lol.

    • So I should just stay back and wait till she comes to me (opens up)?

    • I think you should, girls give in a lot quicker than guys and if you kind Of ignore her, she will become curious to why and will persue you until she gets her answer! :)

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  • Sounds like maybe she's confused about you being super nice, then being rude. Can you have a chat and explain again how sorry you are and that you do like her but also promise to try to hold back the rudeness when you're upset? (And don't just say it but really try to do it.) Ask her why she's been acting bitchy towards you. Is it because she's confused about your feeelings towards her? Maybe she is also having personal issues. If you like her, let her know it.


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