How can I get over him?

I've liked this guy forever! He's my ex boyfriend , I couldn't really ever get over him, I want to forget him because I'm tred of being sad every time I see him flirting with girls. I give up. ANYWAYS, HO could I get over him? Any ideas? He's in my PE class so it's pretty hard to just ignore him. And please don't say go and start liking some other guy because I've already tried and every guy I start liking they think I'm ugly. So I gave up on that. So PLEASE?!?!?! Any ideas to forget him?!?!?!?!?


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  • Ur right you cnt just start liking another guy, what you can do is focus on somthing you love , when I broke up with a guy I was dating (whoni really really liked ) I was broken hearted so I've been focusing on myself, I've painted my nails looking after my skin and changed my diet and strarted to exercisebmore (ive lost weight thus brought my confiedence up)

    So just do somthin to get your mind off him there are plenty of men and he's not the last guy ull date x

  • Ive also found this link for you to consider



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