Should I just do it already?

Why can't I erase my ex from Skype? I feel like if I erase him from Skype it is official. To make the story short, me and my ex of 9 months broke up on thanksgiving, it was a long distance relationship for 5 months. I thought this guy was the one, we talked about the future, the break up was a shock to me. it took me a month to get out of my funk. By January I was still sad ofcourse but a million times better. Now I'm so much better, although I do think about him from time to time. But ignorance is definitely bliss, My question is should I erase him from Skype, the reason its a big deal is because for the last half of our relationship we lived on Skype. We would talk on it constantly. Should I just erase him and be done with it? Or would it look bad if I did. I know he doesn't care but its bothering me. Any advice would be great. Thanks. :)


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  • YES!

    By putting this off, you aren't improving your chances of getting back together, and you ARE ruining your chances of getting over him and moving on. You are only hurting yourself.

    Here's a clue: it's already LONG over. That icon on Skype isn't holding your relationship together; it's done already. The only thing it is holding is YOU BACK.

    Quit looking backwards; you can't change the past. Turn around and face forward, and spend your energies building a better FUTURE instead.

    • Omg, I just deleted him. You are so right. I guess I just needed a little push. I would always convince myself not to erase him because maybe we can be friends or maybe he will come around. But honestly I was too good for him. Thanks for your comment. It was just the push I needed, lol. :)

    • You're welcome.

      Something you need to know going forward: if you have sex with a guy, and there were feelings involved on either side (or both sides), once you break up, you won't be friends anymore. Don't make the mistake of assuming otherwise. It just doesn't work, and you shouldn't be in denial about that.

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