What does a cute fit divorced mom 46, 2 kids see in an 56 divorced 2 kids older guy?

Tell me what she sees? She is 46 cute I think, totally in shape and works out religiously, runs etc.

He is 56, Michael Plotno(see google pics search) dentist, own business, jewish, big house in Livingston, nj, boca raton, condo florida?.

I thinks she sees the money and his ability to take her away trips, florida and pay for everything including sex... etc. Although it was not to great as its just sex. She puts out enough without the intimate bonding...so its just sex...then to sleep.

Her track record is not that great as she cannot hold onto people. divorced 9 years ago. A few years later after losing mom, dated about 4 guys within 4 years one guy moved in, before me and then him. Me a year younger but look a lot younger hell better looking than him.

I see fear of commitment, getting hurt again, she is shallow and superficial gold digger..Whack job?.I just did not see some of the red flags soon enough.

Tell me it will not last as it will go a while then usually she bails...

The kicker is he is UGLY...see for yourself...

kicker #2 is that she is a LCSW therapist. Geez. Cannot help or figure herself out...

Thoughts and answers appreciated.


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  • Sounds like you are spending too much time worrying about what she's doing with herself. Just let her go and focus on your personal life.

    • True but doing better now. Just wanted to post the question. Haven't got the answer I wanted but am just curious money is her attraction...

      . Problem is I see her at the gym often but do not talk. I am not changing my life for that...sis said be the bigger person and be cordial if you run into her but I thought why bother...she made her choice and personally gave up a good thing. Its on her and I did nothing wrong. To be honest there were a lot of red flags that I were obvious...

    • It could be lots of things. Does she not have a job / successful career? Maybe she is looking for stability financially? Other than that maybe he treats her really well and makes her feel special. Girls don't always go with the most attractive man they can find. Personality and how well the guy treats me matters much more to me. Don't be so quick to judge on outward appearances.

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  • She left you, dude. Who cares what she sees in him? You need to forget about her and move on. Dwelling on her and hoping that she'll come back somehow is only hurting yourself further.

    • I am done there as it just opened up a lot of questions towards relationships. I guess because I truly card and lack of experience to see certain signs or red flags...As this just shows who she really is...i learned she was not who I thought she was...but then again do I really want that with the kids and the baggage...pass...

  • why do you say she's a gold digger?

    • A friend mentioned that along with shallow and superficial...just likes the money, travel and have him pay for everything. She keeps it on a superficial level then when the guy tries to get close or commit she bolts... I did not see it right away as I was establishing a relationship...

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