My crush just liked my Facebook status for the first time. Is it a good sign?

Here's the backstory: I'm going through a divorce. The girl I have a crush on has a boyfriend. She knows I'm interested in her but hasn't given me any encouragement since we became friends on Facebook (I assume she's happy in her current relationship). Recently I posted a status update that mentions my pending divorce and how I'm still wearing my wedding ring until it's over. Then, out of nowhere she LIKED my status. First time she ever liked anything of mine on FB. Should I take this as a good sign?

Oh, and for the record, I don't plan to date her or anyone else until my divorce is final. I just really think this girl is special and want to get to know her better. I'm hoping by the time my divorce is final we will have gotten to know each other well enough to start dating. Until then I want to keep a safe distance from her, but interact with her enough to know if we're compatible. What do you think?


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  • It's just a "like" in Facebook. Don't over think things. It must be that your status is really good, so she clicked on the like button.

    She's in a relationship now so don't try to mess with that.


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