At what point in the relationship do you start spending weekends

The title says it all. So when you're currently seeing someone and you have already started having sex, at what point do you typically start staying over night or spending weekends together. My friend made a comment asking me what am I going to do if we become boy- girlfriends and start spending the weekends together. Now we just spend the day together and go our separate ways. We have history together( long story) back from 2010 and just started back talking in Sept but we have been on and off. I'm thinking he wants to see our stable our relationship can go without the on/off again. I'm usually the one calling it off.


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  • Yes,he wonders if you'll call it off again, or if you will stay with him if you both start getting more serious about it.

    Moving in together is a big step, and he thinks you might not be willing to go there yet. Apparently, you've backed away from him before without any clear reason.

    • I'm not talking about moving in together we are far from that. I was talking about only spending the night or weekends

  • You're already at that point. You should consider it so you, two, will grow closer to each other.


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