Am I a side chick? What are we?

So my boyfriend (I guess you would call him that) and I just got together. We've known each other for years and it's always been a series of bad timing. So finally I got up the courage to just tell him how I feel and he said he felt the same and that we can have a commitment. He's in the military and was away for a few weeks and just got back a few days ago. Since he's been back we've only seen each other once and during the encounter we cuddled and made out but before anything went further I need to clarify what we were. So I told him how I felt again and he got all cute and coy. Then he asked me by whispering in my ear would I be his female... I told him I want him to look me in the face and tell me seriously and he just went be my girl my girl! So then we continued to watch movies and make out.

Things happened and he said that I need to make a claim on him and I told him he belongs to me now and he said alright then he started teasing me about my past relationship that I'm quite ashamed about cause it just wasn't a good time and I ended up chugging some pinnacle and rum. Needless to say I got drunk really fast and started revealing other feelings like how I don't want to get hurt by him and sometimes I don't trust him but he's so gorgeous that I just want to stare at him all the time. He started laughing and said I was cute when I'm drunk and we proceeded to make out. He wanted sex but I told him that I take sex seriously and can't without seeing how serious we can get which he said okay about but he's leaving for deployment soon so he said don't make me wait too long, and that he won't take advantage of me while I'm drunk. Though he kept trying to have sex a few times but, I put an end to that. So he drove home cause I was drunk we started bickering cause I'm use to guys just being romantic right off the bat and he's not open about his feelings and it was making me a little insecure cause all he said was be my girl. So he told me to shut up and in a drunken state I got emotional and just got quiet and gave him the silent treatment.

So when he dropped me off he told me to give him a kiss like a good girl (and I did) and then he left. Since then he hasn't texted me and it's going on two full days. I accidentally booty called him as well the night before and he didn't answer. I playfully texted him this morning saying that he was a noob for not responding to my booty call and still no answer. What the heck?!?!

I talked to a guy and he said that by the sound of him saying that I should be his FEMALE that I might be his side chick! help!

P.S. I gave up drinking.
He's getting deployed in a few weeks so I understand that he might have other things on his mind but he literally hasn't texted me or answered my texts in two days...
Oh and might I also add he deactivated his Facebook...
Turns out he was cheating on me the entire time and lied about so much stuff I can't even begin to list them. We tried to reconcile but he dropped communication for the second time and started seeing another girl behind my back so... thanks for the help regardless.


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  • is he getting deployed? he might be thinking about that mostly, and not taking things or you seriously! your a good female role model, for not giving in to sex, until you know they are serious! Good girl! He does respect you more now for sure, even though he didn't get what he wanted. You are very cool!

    If only most women would be like you!


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  • It seems that he's just gotten busy, or he had lost his phone. Either way, he's really interested in you.

  • yeah, sounds like you don't trust him, probably for a good reason, listen to your gut, though as a good friend you should just give him casual sex anyway.

  • i think he still likes you but his mind is on other things. when he is deployed find out where he is at and write to him, he will appreciate that


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  • i don't know but it doesn't sound like he is so serious about you.


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