Is he cheating on me?

Im 23 years old my boyfriend is 29 we have a year together and I'm in love with this guy but my friends tell me there's a lot of red flags. When we 1st mer he told me he had a son and I was OK with it. After 6months he tells me he has 3kids and he didn't tell me because je was afraid of losing me. His kids live wirh their mom out of state. He told me they were in trouble because his x was in jail and he cried to me. I accepted him with hks kids and rented a car under my name so he can go see them because he has bad credit. He was gone for 3days and I didn't get any calls from him his phone was off the whole trip. He came back saying he had no reception. He begged for forgiveness and I fogave him. We were doing great met his mom who talked about his Facebook when we met he said he didn't have one. (Didnt think much of it don't care for fb but a few of his family members kept mentioning his fb so I got curious and looked him up.) I figure he's my boyfriend there should be nothing bad his pagebwas completely private can't message him unless or add him. I got linked to his x girlfriend and curiously I check and I find a picture of them dated back when he went out of town and heard nothing from him with my rental car and had bad reception. I confront him about it and he gets offended of me looking and said it was an old picture that she must have recently put up. I find that hard to believe but my heart wants to believe it so I do. I'm training to be a police officer and he helps me workout. I misunderstand one thing and he flips out on me. For instance he said do 5 sets of 30 pounds and being that the gym is loud I heard 25 pounds so I put 25. And he yella and says I'm not paying attention that I'm failing and a disappointmnt. But I give it my all all the time and it only took me half a second to change the weight back I just simply misunderstood. But he left because I was unmotivating. We have awesone days too. And I love him but I question if he loves me. I'm controlled help


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  • It seems that he's just taking you for granted.

    Whether he's cheating on you or not, you should start considering moving on from him.

    He's really manipulative.


What Girls Said 1

  • didn't take three sentences before I saw red flag! he seems like a lying narcissist! stay the hell away. guys with skeletons in the closet are not just bad news but potentially dangerous. I dated a liar and it was hell.


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