We were talking everyday and he said he liked me and I him but his ex...

So I met a guy on a dating website. We talked everyday and night for about a weekend and a half and then all of a sudden he just deleted his account and didn't respond to me. I knew he had gotten out of a relationship in Jan, and this was now mid Feb so I figured maybe he did get back with her. I just kinda was sad about it for a few days and tried to move past it.

About 3 weeks went by and he created a new profile with no info and hit me up. I asked him why he stopped talking to me and explained since he was with her for 5 years almost he wanted to give her another chance. We started to talk again everyday and eventually I met him. We talked and made out and he got turned on but I told him I just kinda wanted to take that slow.

We kept talking everyday after and all night, but his ex kept being brought up. Finally I was like maybe you should just be with her. Not that I think he really should, but I told him if she's all you talk about then why are you talking to me. He just kept saying he was confused. One day last week he basically texts me and tells me she's giving him a ride too and from work since his car is down. I got made and went off on him like, wtf, youd rather her take you than me? I guess you made your choice.

Next day I texted to say sorry for going off but I was hurt and he said he understands and didn't mean to hurt me but he does love her and he is going to give her another chance. I said okay, I understand, good luck. He said good luck to you too, you're a really nice girl, hope the best for you in future.

And that was it. I deleted him. I can't reach him now... but... I actually do hurt. Talking to him I just felt our personalities were so good together. I've never met a guy I could talk to and laugh with and had my similar personality. I am disappointed. I don't think it will work with his ex. They've been yoyo-ing this breakup since November... Is is possible he may come back? Is it wrong to be sad and want him to go to her and it not work so he can realize it and come back to me? :(


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  • You have made the right decision in cutting communications with him.

    It's clear that he really can't get over his ex, and still have strong feelings for her.

    You're better off finding your own happiness, and a new guy of interest.


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