I mess up everything in my relationship and I don't know why help!

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months and it has been up and down up and down. I caught him online I (catfished him without messaging him he messaged the fakey 1rst) talking to girls saying he is single and I forgave him. He opened a new account on plenty of fish & I caught him again he "claimed" he didn't say he was single but yes he did. Now I fessed up and told him about my legal past when my ex set me up & I got in trouble for it and he freaksss out saying you killed someone blah blah blah "im kinda straight going out with you when you have a murderous past". I made a freaking mistake! I'm owning up to it and I thought I could trust him now and told him.

He was going to go to this place were you can race go karts with his bff and his girlfriend but I didn't get invited and I got pissed b.c he never invites me anywhere! I said "im coming over there" he said I'll just leave then. He told me I never have fun and I acted different around his bff and his girlfriend but I always act shy in front of new people and play around with my boyfriend like I did that night... I'm always screwing it up always from catfishing him to "not having fun" when I'm scared too sometimes to everything HELP!


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  • There's nothing you can do now. You didn't make a mistake. He did "force" you to reveal something about your past.

    It's really best if you can move on from him. It seems like he's just taking you for granted


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