Spring break romance...how to move on?

I was on spring break and I've been seeing, kinda dating someone from home(never official) so when I went out to the bars/clubs I wasn't looking at all ANYWAYS...a guy and I started dancing and from there we were inseparable...he was there on business anyways the second night we went out together it was as if it was just him and I there (feel bad I was barely with my friends) but I've never experienced such a strong connection before...that night he slept over and we didn't have sex we talked a lot and just snuggled...the following night he came over again and again we didn't have sex...the way he looked at me and treated me and talked to me plus the things he said I never imagined these things to be said to me.As we snuggled too with my head on his chest his heart was beating SO fast and I asked why? he said that I give him butterflies and make him nervous, plus never have sex also makes me think it wasn't a lie at all. The last morning we were together he even said that we have to be realistic because we live on total opposite sides of the country and I'm still in school while he has a career and travels a lot , we did the whole kiss each other like it's the last time and it was incredible, as I drove him back to his hotel he just stared at me the whole time and kept thanking me and how those 3 night and mornings were the best he's had...when we got to his hotel we just sat there and kissed goodbye it was so painful...is it possible to have such strong powerful feelings for someone you've only known for such a short time? how do I get passed it? unpacking today my shirts smelt like him and it made me smile but also made me kinda sad I wouldn't trade the short time for anything... meanwhile the guy from home I thought I wanted to be with does not give me the feelings I had for the other guy... haven't heard from the guy from spring break wasn't expecting to but now what do I do...please help!


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  • It's really possible. The moments you've shared and the closeness you've gone through makes it really convenient to be so close within a short span of time.

    If you can call that guy, give him a call. If you don't have any contact, simply enjoy your life. There are still a lot of guys and he's not the only one.

    Definitely a great guy you have met.

    • i feel strange calling...when we said goodbye it was so intense and I'm pretty sure he mean't it because it's realistic that it wouldn't work out. I am enjoying just I've never had such powerful feelings for a guy before and of course there are other guys out there just sucks ha ha like I've been with other guys but it was just an amazing experience with him and thankful for it but would love to get it back...thank you he is a great one.

  • have you any contact address for him

    • phone numbers...that's it.

    • go on phone him ,least keep in contact

    • yeah but I don't think he will answer. he travels a lot, lives on the other side of the country, it just SUCKS haha

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