My breakup is causing chaos in roommates relationship. Should I attempt to intervene?

My now ex girlfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago and there was huge fight afterward that involved her guy friend and her roommate along with me and her. And I mean like WWI, Great Depression and WWII all within 2 weeks or so. My roommate (met ex through him) and his girlfriend (good friends with my ex) stayed out of the fights and just chilled as they had minor problems of their own to deal with.

Now spring break just ended and there has been minor fighting between my roommate and his girlfriend. This coming summer and next year my ex and his girlfriend and rooming together so over spring break his girlfriend allowed him to stay at their place while she went to Atlanta,Georgia and he had no place to stay. Apparently my ex stayed in the house during the week also and his girlfriend has trust issues since he use to like her but now doesn't because of how she treated me. He had to stay 3 nights at the house and his girlfriend is now pissed.

Now my question is... Should I attempt to talk to his girlfriend and tell her that he loves her and that he wouldn't dare do anything to loose her or should I let this play itself out and maybe watch another relationship fall apart in almost the same exact manner as mine did?


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  • Simply talk to his girlfriend. Don't make it sound like you're giving an advice. Make it sound like a suggestion, because people are more open to suggestion than advice. You're a great guy.

    • I was thinking the exact same. I just wanted to make sure that I was about to do the right thing and not be in the way or mess things up

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