I feel like I am suffocating within society, measuring up to parents/society standards & trying to find work?

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. It's just very frustrating to live with my mother always bearing down on me. I always feel like I'm being squeezed, and I can't measure up to peoples standards. I have a job, though I have less hours now then ever, but that's just the nature of the job because of the particular season. but no matter what I do, I can't break out of the area where I have to perform up to the standards of my parents. I know that I have to get a job and move out and everything and that's fine, when I am able to I will. But I can't stand school anymore. Having my parents hate me because I choose to do my homework in a certain way, such as reading my books when I feel like it rather than, going nuts and studying until my head explodes. My parents get very disappointed if I don't do things the way they say is the best way to do them. such as studying or taking notes or whatever. they believe that I should have no break time or have any time off. It's not like I get to party or go out with people as I have very few friends that I barely see. My brain can't function and absorb information the way that they say to study. I need to read and take a break, then read again and take a break.

How do I get them to ease up? I hate doing anything when they are around because I feel like they judge me because I don't work at things the way they do, I went through college without any of their help and they got so mad about it. Now I'm in university and they expect me to just sit on my ass and get fat studying all the live long day. I need time to do things my way, and they can't understand that. I need time to relax. I am not a lazy person, but I know when I can do work and I know when I can't and all they understand is work work work.


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  • It seems that there's nothing you can do to stand up to their expectations.

    Try talking it out with them.

    If they still insist on you sitting all day studying, then you just need to meet their expectations until you can find a job, then you can live with freedom.


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