For those who became friends with their ex's or thought about it why did you or would you do it?

This situation could be initiated by either you or your ex (or your overall opinion for those not in relationships).

Do you/would you become friends with an ex just for the friendship? Or would you become friends with the intent of getting them back? Would you decline them and say something to discourage contact?

And for those who are/remain to be friends with an ex, is it awkward? Or did it become unbearable? Maybe it was neither and it was a good friendship in the end?


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  • I became friends with my exes for the sake of friendship and being in contact with that person.

    It doesn't mean that if we're ex, it means that our relationship with each other is cut off forever, and we should treat each other like people living on two opposite sides of the world.


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  • It was awkward at first as we grew apart so we had to pick up where we left off and tried to keep the distance from each other. Now it's getting better. We talk from time to time just to say hello and ask how things are and that's about it.


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  • I did once, our relationship wasn't very sexual and we were better friends than a couple. Buuut the girl I started dating afterward was not okay with that at all and so I stopped talking to her. I regret that a lot, we were pretty close and the girl I was dating ended up being a skank

    • Dang, that really sucks. I'm in this odd situation somewhat like that myself, the girl I used to date panicked and decided to stop seeing me and now wants to be friends for moral support. I will definitely take your life lesson and apply it to myself in future dating occurrences.

    • Yeah, if you two were good friends and can keep it just as friends, then I really feel those can be some of the best friendships. One of my best friends closest friend is his ex, of course it would take me a while to joke about sexual conquests the way they do with each other but eh, everyone is different

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