People who are not living with parents/moving out for first time, advice?

My boyfriend and I are currently living with my parents. They want him gone and we have till July 1st to move out. I will soon be 19 by that point and he will be 20. I'm really scared cause I have never done this before.

We're both going to be attending college/university this September so we were thinking on using our student loans to pay for rent as the area we will be moving to won't have a lot of jobs available.

I'm going for practical nursing which is 2 years, then I will bridge to registered nursing. So in 2 years I will be making a lot more money than I am now.

Please give us advice about moving out for the first time!?


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  • Congrats on college - seriously. It's tough. The biggest thing about living without your parents - don't live above your means. You don't NEED cable. You do need internet for jobs/research/etc... can help you create a cleaning schedule. You don't want to be overwhelmed by clutter in your first place. Healthy meals, too. Don't live off of junk food -you'll feel like junk. Pick one day to prep meals and snacks, pick one day to just have fun and relax with friends or your sweetie. Good luck!


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  • Simply don't buy things you cannot afford, and don't live beyond your means.

    Most people who leave alone for the first time tend to feel they are free, so they squander money like a king and live tomorrow poorer than a rat.


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  • It's going to be 2-3x harder than you're expecting it to be.


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