How should be your thinking about your wifes ex

Ok, I'm 26 year old and planninh to get married next yr, marriage will be arranged so there is no scope I know about my wife to be much, I am quite botherless if she had ex in life in past and I think that everyone has right to mistakes but do women forget about their ex in future totally or is he there all her life in her mind...and in that case, will I get the treatment of second guy or say sacrifice guy? Will I get compared to him all the time? Or once you know things like should start moving to safer end like financially, mentally separate slowly from her so it won't bother you anymore? I sometimes feel I'm thinking like idiot but ya I need to clear my more thing, I never was in any sort of relationship in my past not because I could not get into any but I think if you are not gonna settle with someone...why be their ex and trouble their future partners..may be I'm wrong here also..but please help me on this...especially I would like to hearfrom women...will I get second guy treatment all my life?


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  • First off, I know it's a cultural thing but I'm an American woman and I believe in settling down with someone you love first, then deciding on your own to get married. Now with that being said, I've had a few serious boyfriends before I met my husband and I always put him first. I do occasionally think of my past boyfriends but it's usually about the memories we had (and not all of them are good) and how wonderful my husband is in comparison to them. I don't think you'll be getting the 2nd guy treatment from your wife if she's a good person.


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