Do I go back to him after this?

Ok, so this guy and I have dated twice, and the second time he broke up with me saying that this wasn't a good time for him to date. I knew it was a lie and sure enough, the next day he is going out with this girl who is very clingy...they broke up and now he is giving me the hint he wants to get back together. Now, I kinda want to get back together as well, do I play this?

-do I play hard to get?

-do I just say yes right away?

I kinda don't want to break up with him again but I don't want him to think of me as his back-up plan!? Thx :)


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  • If he would lie to you when he didn't have a real rason to (since you were just dating, only twice, he could have told you he was attracted to someone else)..!...what is he likely to do when you're formally together?

    Then he'll much evem MORE likely to lie at the least provocation! He'll lhave more reason to hide the truth!

    I'd play very very hard to get: in fact, I'd be impossible to get!


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  • Don't get back with him. It seems that he's just treating you as an option.


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  • I'm sorry hun, but this kind of man is good to stay away from. I suggest pulling the friend-zone card on him. Don't give him the ability to keep his bad patterns going. By you continuing to pursue him he will only let you down and end up keeping you as a back pocket girlfriend. Guys like this do not change unless they get the stupid beat out of them.


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