Relationships that are "on the fence" and then aren't, do they last long?

How long do these relationships last? I mean are they doomed from that point on even though they get back together?

I'm talking about a relationship that's about to break up because of whatever reason but then they "Miraculously" stay together. I feel like if you get to that point in the relationship that it's very hat to come back from and even though they get back together it is just a temporary delay before the break up.

Has anyone been in that type or situation or know anyone that has...and how did it turn out?


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  • I've been in a lot of those situation before.

    It's because fights always erupted to the point that it's going to explode, and it's really a precursor to a break-up.


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  • They last for several years. Like 10-15. Those are the people who stay together but are extremely miserable. They're always talking about each other behind their backs and get into arguments. They think they are meant to be together because they have put up with their stupid drama for so long and have been through a lot together.


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  • Generally you're right--once people start to question why they're together, theyre almost always gettitn gready to break up. They might k'iss andmake up', but that will usually only last a short time.

    It takes faith and trust to keep together; once those are gone, and we're always thinking of the drawbacks of having a partner, we won't have one for very long.


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