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I have been dating a guy for 2 years and I forgot about some messaging on face book from the first week we started dating from a different ex he found out about them about a year in to our relationship and I told him I was sorry and begged him not to break up with me because I forgot about them and it was a mistake. After another year together we broke up. I have tried to text and call him, but he is mean and just tells me to leave him alone. I would do absolutely anything for him. I have told him that. PLEASE HELP ME GET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE BACK!


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  • Well... All I can tell you from a guy perspective that right now he is really upset at the moment.. I know you don't want to hear this and I hate hearing this word myself but you might want to give him some SPACE.. cause you don't want to push him away and make him feel like you are a crazy stalker or something.. I'm a guy, once I noticed that you stopped contacting me for a while my mind will start to wonder and think, maybe she is over me or found somebody else but this only works if he really loves and care about you, but just give it a week or two or MORE without contacting him I'm pretty sure he will contact you first but if not give it one last shot, instead of calling him just go old-school and write him a letter and pour out all your emotions, then you wouldn't have to hear him tell you leave him alone..In addition this is a great way to let out all your hidden emotions, but if he don't respond at all or in a negative way just let it go. I know its hard to hear LET IT GO especially to someone you love and care for, but if its meant then yall will get back together if not there is some guy out there that can love you even more, so its kinda a win/ win situation, but just give it time.. Just don't rush things... I learned that Love and time also have a close relationship together... I hope this works


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  • no, don't do it don't try, buck up and use your logic there's plenty of fish in the sea there's a reason why you split up and that's not going to change in time, the problem that caused the split will cause you to split again. do yourself a favour and move on


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