Well is she interested?

A little back story about the girl first, I will keep it simple

She has dated, every guy wanted to get in her pants, she wants a friend ship to start with:

So we hang out every so often because of friends, I will sometimes share funny pictures on her Facebook just to make her laugh, well I am having a hard time telling if she is interested. She has my number and doesn't text me, we talk a little bit here and there when we hang out, but I have a hard time opening up to her for some reason, last time we were together we were alone in the living room and she sat down right next to me, we got drunk one time and she sat on my lap for awhile, but she tends to talk about other guys only when I'm around, she seems open to conversation, and I feel like she has been getting a little closer to me, but I Really can't tell if she is interested or not.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Cookies? Thank you
Thats the thing is I told her that I wanted to date her, and she says that's cool but she wants to develop a friendship first? Breaking the touch barrier is easy enough, but I am not too sure if I can get her to come to a movie, I will definitely tell her (not ask) to join me so we can kick it, but I think she will invite one of our friends

Everytime I text her its like she isn't cutting the conversation, but doesn't give me much to work with you know? So at that point I just say $&% it
Also um, I used to wake up early and text her good morning, I don't know if that matters but I am pretty sure she knows how I feel about her!
Well I talked to her for a good while today, went well, till I got FRIEND ZONED!

so I'm going on a date on Saturday with her friend, thanks guys and girls


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  • Rightio. I think she's interested but that's something very different to attraction, and even more different to actually liking you. So if I were you, I'd ask her out on a date; it doesn't even need to be a "date", just go and ask her to watch a film with you or something along those lines. And whatever you do don't get stuck in the friend zone, so don't present yourself as a loving, caring, friend because to be honest I know it sounds terrible but from my experience the guys I ended up liking were the ones I had to work for; so act like a potential boyfriend instead, be flirty, tease her, break the touch barrier etc. Maybe even go for a kiss, that'll clear things up for you.

    Oh yeah, last thing; cookies. Yes please ^-^


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  • You have to text her first, see if she's asking questions to keep the convo going.


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  • dude... she is probably just trying to keep her options open... the only way to get her... is to hang with her. F-uck texting I would call her because then you can hear her emotions, ask her to kick it.. if she says yes than she likes you but if she says she's busy then just hang up with out saying a word and don't call back or text.. if she's not into you she won't try to call back or text but if she is then she will feel bad and try texting and calling ... don't respond for at least a hour... if she texts you back wondering what happened than your golden and she has interest . after you do text her she will do the same thing you did to her and not text back for alittle... this tactic always work for me hahaha its worked on 56 girls and its never failed... I would do this tactic to 3 girls in one day and see which one is into me and who is not... best of luck... DONT TELL PEOPLE MY TRICKS .this info is only for you muahhaha

  • Ask her out on a real date. Stop trying to ease into it.


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