I slept with my Ex who just got a girlfriend. We broke up recently. Do I have a chace at getting him back?

We have only truly been apart a few weeks. I broke up with him because he didn't have a job and I got tired of paying for him. Even though we broke up four months ago we talked and saw each other alot. I did hurt him really bad. He says he still loves me and misses me. I regret breaking up with him everyday. I am in love with him plus my kids are bonded to him as well. So do I have a chance at getting him back or was that one for the road? He still has called me and lied to his girlfriend. I feel bad but I love him. I tried not sleep with him but I'm weak for him. I feel in my heart he wants me but is scared I need a mans point of view. What should I do besides be ashamed?


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  • I think you still have a chance at getting him back but I don't know how well your relationship will work out or whether or not it would be healthy for him to be with someone who exhibit your behaviors.


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