I'm in a friends with benefits type relationship with my ex, after months of hot sex he spooned me for the fir

End of last year I started a friends with benefits type relationship with my ex (we dated for 6 months a year and a half ago, he's emotionally damaged by his ex, we ended it), its not something we talked about, it just happened. We became friends again, there is still amazing chemistry, we'd flirt and then ended up sleeping together. Its great, its been going on weekly for months. I've kept myself somewhat emotionally distant, but only as far as relationshipy behavior goes. But something changed the other night and I don't know if it means he's falling for me or just starting to get truly comfortable. We had sex, I cuddled him for a few min (my head on his chest) and then I took my spot next to him to go to sleep. Another min passes and he turns towards me, cuddles in close and leans his face against my shoulder to fall asleep. Um... okay... first new cuddle behavior... weird, but cute, so I just go with it. HOURS LATER... Its the middle of the night, he gets up for the bathroom and when he comes back, gets in bed, hesitates and doesn't put his head down. He then scoots close to me and takes a 'big spoon' position, without actually touching his body to mine and drapes his arm over the nook of my hip. Instinctively (since I was half asleep), I scooted back and bridged the gap and he put his face on the back of my hair. It was all very sweet... but I'm confused now. I don't want to read into something that isn't there... but he didn't even do this when we were dating. Is this how boys act when their falling in love?
I should also add that the last couple times we've met up for sex he's turned the meetup into something that resembles a date. Where he insists on buying me dinner or lays his head in my lap when we are watching a movie. All of this after he's already gotten sex. Then, the cuddling started and it just made me think something was up. Just wanted opinions.


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  • It seems like he just want to cuddle a lot, though he's hesitating because he doesn't want to lead you on again.


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