What is with the Side Hug?

So this guy and I have been texting a little lately. I think he recently broke up with his girlfriend. Anyway, he saw me the other night on my way to a friend's dorm and to greet me, he gave me a side hug.. like he came up to me straight on but then moved to the side of me to put his arm around my shoulders and squeeze me toward him. He actually moved over to hug me! Then he went back in front of me to talk. What is going on? This is the first time he's hugged me, or even really touched me for that matter.


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  • It means that you're someone who's really close to him. This is a good sign.

    • But do you think it's weird that he didn't just hug me normally?

    • It's not weird. Soon, he'll be hugging you full body.

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