Best way to make a move for that 1st kiss?

I'm a bit out of touch with the dating and what not, I haven't had a girlfriend in three years...just girls I've messed around with off and on but nothing serious. This new girl that I'm sort of friends with (she's never used the word friend around me) is giving me some hints that she's into me. I've finally built up the confidence to act on my attraction to her but I don't want to be lame with it.

I have two options find the perfect moment in convo and then lean in and see if she reacts favorably. Or, be up front with her like "Hey, I like you..I think you're the most interesting person I know. I'd like to take you out sometime"

we haven't kissed...its just at that stage where we both like each other but have not acted or spoke on it at all to each other.


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  • I think before you worry about the kiss you should just work on your other forms of physical contact first. Like finding excuses to touch her, holding hands and things like that. It needs to be kind of gradual. Also I wouldn't go for the kiss unless you guys are absolutely clear with each other that you like each other. Like if you guys go on dates. But if you're just friends right now I think the kiss is something that you need to build up to.

    When you finally reach that point where you guys are being touchy feely with each other, that's when you want to go in for the kiss. Like if you're cuddling on the couch or something. Just let it be natural and it will come!


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  • Well there isn't any best way or move to it I just happens! lol :)

  • Surprise her.! Just grab her by her head and kiss her.! It takes courage but it's SO worth it.!:)


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