Will I ever go back to normal?

I have a question. I am in a bit of a mess. I go to school in a really small program. I was really close to a few people in it. One of them really pursued me, and we ended up in a relationship for about 9 months. But, then he came over out of nowhere, and broke up with me. He said he was too young to commit, and too stressed out for something this serious (he is 23). I was hearbroken! He told me he loved me for months after that...but I tried to get back together a few too many times..and he got really annoyed and told me to move on and that we will never date again.

My best friend in the program was there for me for a few months. But she started dating my exes best friend, so now she finds it difficult to be around me (apparently she doesn't know what will trigger me or upset me). So, I lost my closest friend too.

Anyway, before all of this happenned, people used to always comment about how free-spirited and happy I always seemed. How I was the most positive, cheerful, and bubbly person they had ever met. But now I feel like my old self has disappeared. I feel broken hearted and down for about 6 months now. It is getting a little better, but extremely slowly. I have to see these people that hurt me everyday at school. Plus, they all keep hanging out with the program, but I avoid that social scene, so I don't really have too many friends to hang out with on the weekends either.

Has anyone else felt broken hearted by close friends or bfs, and felt like they would never be themselves again? Is is possible that I will never go back to being me? Or is this just a phase, and in time, I will be back to normal? What can I do? Please help. Thanks :)


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  • Hi, ugh I feel the same way. I was with my ex for 9 months and it ended. Its gotten a lottt better but I still think about him all the time and we've been broken up since the end of nov. For me I feel it won't be 100% better until I have someone new in my life and I cannot wait for that moment. I don't see him so that's good as well. That sucks you have to see him all the time. I really hope you feel better, you will it just takes time. :)


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