How interested is she?

I have been talking with this girl for most of the semester. We live in the same building and have a class together so I get to see her a lot. We always maintain eye contact when we talk and she likes to tease me a lot (I tease her back as well). Before spring break we spent about six hours in the library together and we got to learn about each other a lot...she told me a lot of personal things about her. Yesterday I spent a couple hours with her during a break in my day, showing me texts of guys who are always creeping on her or that she hates getting hit on at frat parties (shes pretty hot), and she told me she hadn't gotten laid in a while.

I asked her is she wanted to go out with on Friday and for her number, and got both. But I couldn't tell if she was showing genuine interest in me like I was to her because I was rushing out the door because I was late to class. I feel like she is, but I'm not 100% certain.


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  • Um. She's hot, and is going on a date with you. I would say interested enough to not get your texts shown to another guy as a 'creeper'.

  • I think she likes you. Just treat her right though and hopefully you like her for the right reasons.


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