What stops a guy from making a move?

There's a guy I been flirting with for 3 months it started as just teasing and poking and the went into bumping into each other and sitting so close our legs touch and the occasional game of footsies. He seems really receptive and we seem to have amazing chemistry yet he still hasn't made a move. How long does it take a guy to make a move usually or what would stop them.


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  • He will be making his move soon, perhaps next week or two. Keep your hopes up.

    There a lot of factors that might stop them.

    a) Friends/family will not approve of you

    b) Still shy

    c) Can't risk rejection

    • I hope so he seems really receptive I just wasn't sure if it was normal to take so long or maybe he wasn't as interested as I thought he was.

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  • If I were him we would be dating for now but of course people and their reactions ,the way they act show difference and have their own reasons to act like this


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  • idk I am going threw the same thing right now I understand what your going threw girl I think you should talk to him about it and see what happens from there good luck


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