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I asked a question yesterday about my boyfriend my boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months now beneficial for only about 2 and things have been going great he wanted to meet my parents yeah even so much as asked me to move in in a few months. On Monday he said the things were going too fast on Tuesday he started acting really stand offish I told him I would give him space but he kept contacting me and I'm avoiding me when I would write back or respond back to him. So I went over there last night so we can talk about it in person because he just kept getting angry with me saying that I was going crazy. When I went over there last night everything was okay we both apologized and said that we were both stressed and then he told me that he just want

ed to go to sleep. When I started to leave he grabbed for me and hugged me for about 5 minutes and would not let go then he kissed me like he normally does and then I left but that I get home and he's on Facebook so I asked him if he couldn't sleep he said that he was restless and couldn't sleep so I said I would quit bugging him and I would talk to him the next day and he wrote back night that was it I'm a little confused and I don't know what's going on anymore. We haven't had sex in 3 days which I usually wouldn't care about but I think that in this case it may be a bad sign. And I know that he is super stressed out right now about money and work and I'm not exactly sure how many respond to stress but I need to know if this is how it's going to be I'm really confused and what should I be thinking right now?


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  • It sounds like you're being REALLY insecure. If he's hugging you and being affectionate like that...he likes you...quit continually fishing for validation of that.

  • Not only was this asinine because I never even read your previous question but you're also anon. and I can't find your previous question as well as the fact that you could have just updated the other question in the status update section


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