Hasn't texted me since Monday...

I met this guy over Spring Break. We were all hanging out with people from our city and he was all over me. Texted me that he really liked me. I told myself spring break should stay on spring break but with him telling me all this stuff I started to fall for him. Now I have a crush on him and he hasn't texted me since Monday... is it over?


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  • It isn't clear when spring break was, because Spring Breaks are different from school to school. My spring break hasn't happened yet.

    Don't worry about it. Just because he hasn't texted you doesn't mean anything. Electronic communication isn't as good as face-to-face communication. If he texted you that he liked you, then he will text you back. If not, that would be really weird. It would be really weird because who would text that they liked you and then neveer respond ever again. Give it time.


What Girls Said 1

  • ughhh spring break romances...happened to me too it SUCKS. you guys are from the same city? hmm has he initiated every time you guys text? you could text him

    • he has initiated every conversation except one - one I started because I told him I couldn't talk and I would text him later I didn't text him for 2 days... we do live in the same city - I go to an all girls school and he goes to a different school

    • Text him if you want! Nothing wrong with that he could be waiting to hear from you too

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