I don't know what to do

I fell for my best guy friend in high school and we ended up not talking and then he just moved away and it toom me years to get over him. I finally got over him and have found a new guy I really like. I work with him and am about 90% sure he likes me too but we've never really talked. I get this feeling of being safe when he's near, and we will both be like looking at each other and starring into each others eyes and I will try to smile at him so hard but just can't because I'm just like in a daze and he looks the same way lol. It's kinda crazy the feelings I feel for him and we've not really ever talked. I always catch him looking at me all the time. I'm afraid to talk to him because of what happened in the past and how heart broken I was. I just found out as well that he's moving to another state soon and am very upset by this. If we would have talked more I would totally be down to move with him because I'm in a bad family situation and was thinking of moving to another state to get away from it all. So I don't know if I should try and talk to him and maybe try a relationship and maybe move if it works out or just forget him and move on.


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  • Well, tell him how you feel cause you might regret it if you don't, secondly don't move because of a guy because you are only moving for him and not for yourself yes, anywhere seems fine to you cause your family sucks but, you have to make decision on your needs especially moving. I would say tell the guy you like him and maybe do a long distance relationship? If not its a perfect way of moving on instead of wondering what could of happened right?

    answer mine question?

    • I would be down for a long distance relationship. I've only really loved my best guy friend and have never really had a boyfriend. I think trust would be a major factor and I would tell him that I trust him not to cheat and that if I found out it would be over.

    • depends on how far? I mean if you can go out and see that person every now and then, then I think it could work out . Are you are willing to go to another state or he is willing to go to another state ? I say this is because keeping an emotional connection is great but, you also got to have some kind of physical connection too or else eventually it will all fall apart. If you can make the effort to go see him every now and then, then it will probably work out for you.

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