Me and my ex are just talking? Is this a bad sign? Is he playing games? Help!!

Me and my ex boyfriend got into an argument and broke up. I felt like it was too soon and I missed him so I told him that I missed him and loved him and that we should get back together. He said he didn't know because we're constantly fighting.. Than today he told me that we should just be "talking" not going out because he's not sure about the relationship. We've been dating for 3 years we love each other what's not to know about? Am I being delusional should I just wait until things are better or is he just playing games with me and keeping me here like a dumbass? Guys do you do this? Why


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  • It's a good sign. It means that he's taking his chances and see if the two of you can reconcile for a relationship again. Simply, don't let another fight erupt again.


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