Why does my ex "hates" me? when I haven't done anything to him.

13 years ago I was in a relationship with a guy, with time he told me he wanted a baby with me but my reply to him was that I was scared to be a single mother & I didn't want a child at the time. He said to me that he wasn't going to do the same thing his dad did to his Mom, a year later I became pregnant, when I told him he changed completely. When the baby was two weeks old I begged him to be with me that I could find a job that we could work and move together & raise our baby, his answer was no that he wasn't ready to settle down that he didn't want that. So he disappeared & I decided to work & provide for my baby & i. During the years I had no help from him nor decided to take him to court that's not in me. When my baby was one year & 7 months he came back, to talk to me about his "girlfriends" he asked me advice & what not I mean I gave him advices it didn't bother me at all about his relationships. Then he left again but one day when he told me oh I have a girlfriend & things like that I said to him I'm happy for you. He said are you seeing anyone I said yes I'm talking to this there he seems nice, his reply was you shouldn't date man they lie to much I was like um OK. He left again but when we seen each other it was OK no arguing no nothing. So 3 years down the road I met a man who I got married with & I became a Mom for the second time. My ex came back & he was in "shock" when I told him I was getting married, his questions were are you happy? Do you love him? I said yes, he then again asked are you sure? I said yes. Then he said I never thought you would get pregnant again, I said I wanted my 1st baby to have a brother or sister, his reply was I'm the only child & I'm good. In his expression changed. After that I never saw him again till 10 years later he came back looking for his child & now when we speak he disrespects me he tells me I don't want to deal with you or speak to at all I'm here to know my kid, in his sentence he even said "believe when I say this but I wish I never met you". I mean what the heck, I moved on with my life never threw at his face all the things I went through with my kid & that he never helped me, & he comes to me with this attitude. When in reality I was the one hurt by him & kept it all inside, why he acts like this?


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  • why had you been acting like this is all that time?...he left you and you still never made any complaints and you seem to had a good talking terms with him WHY? If you are hurt then you need to behave accordingly. Don't give people what they don't deserve. You should avoid him and live your life happily with your husband. You don't really need to take any crap from him. Stay happy and take care of your kids.


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  • Why would you keep letting this guy back into your life ? Tell him to move on and stay away from you and your child .

    • You know since I couldn't write more I had to put the question in pieces but I will tell you, some people told me you shouldn't keep him away from his kid if he decides to come back he might do this or that you know so since I try to keep things calm I did & on top of that my daughter is 14 years old already & she wanted to know her biological dad. But now she realizes what type of person he really is. And yes is true I shouldn't let him back into our life. If he ever comes back once again.

    • I know where you are coming from my sister was in the same situation as you for years .

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